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Malinche – Good Overview Article

Tourists browsing around Mexico’s souvenir shops often see a painting – reproduced on everything from wall hangings to Tee-shirts – of a heroic-looking man in medieval armor and a beautiful, dark-haired woman, both on a heroic-looking white horse. History buffs … Continue reading

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Goddess of Grass Chapter 4 Part 2

It is in Cuba, Cortés finally becomes a man of substance—and not just title—with mines, cattle and the slave laborers to work them and make him wealthy. The Governor of Cuba, Diego Velázquez, is so impressed with the hard work … Continue reading

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A Case for Rejection of the Scholarly Views of Malinche

The scholarly view of La Malinche is that she was a courageous but naive young woman with no mind of her own who blindly went along with a conversation to Christianity without knowing any better, and who was a traitor … Continue reading

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Aztec Art

Nicely reimagined Aztec art.

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What kind of Role Model is Malinche?

What kind of Role Model is Malinche? Some Mexicans consider her a traitor for helping Cortez conquer Mexico, while others view her as a heroine for participating in certainly one of history’s most important events. How do you view her? … Continue reading

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Malinche Video Nice video clip on Malinche which is especially helpful for hearing the pronunciations: Series: A Moment in Time Duration: 00:04:10 Year Produced: 2010 Description: Reviled as a traitor, La Malinche is alleged to have served as a translator and mistress … Continue reading

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VIEW by Ed Morawski : Review

He shouldn’t have taken the picture. He knew that. Did it anyway. Max Leszek had a good career going in the Air Force; he was working on a top-secret project doing maintenance when he just “Had” to have a photo … Continue reading

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