Time Line

Malinche Time Line

The image above shows May 12, 1502 on the Aztec calendar which we believe was Malinalli’s birth date because children were usually named after the sign of their birthday. In this case May 12, 1502 is the only date under the sign of Grass which is close enough to Malinche’s age.

Time Line

1502     Malinalli is born

1502     Montezuma II assumes the throne of the Aztec Empire

1502     Hernán Cortés misses an expedition to the New World, delaying his conquest of Mexico until 1519 – One Reed

1504     Cortés arrives in Haiti

1507     Crop failure causes a famine in the Aztec Empire

1507     An earthquake in Mexico City occurred following the “Lighting of the New Age” ceremony

1508     Montezuma visits Tlillancalmecatl (‘Place of Heavenly Learning’)

1508     Montezuma’s sister Paranazin collapses into a trance

1510     Severe floods strike Tenochtitlán (Mexico City)

1510     Malinalli’s father dies

1511     Cortés takes part in the conquering of Cuba

1511     Malinalli is sold into slavery

1515     Cortés marries Catalina Juarez in Cuba

1517     The appearance of a comet in the Aztec Empire, believed to signify impending doom

1518     Cortés departs Cuba for the New World

1519     A comet hung over the capital city of Tenochtitlan (site of Mexico City)

1519     A thunderbolt struck and burned down the temple of the deity Huitilopchitli.

1519     The last omen comes to Tenochtitlan. A woman’s voice was heard crying “my children, my children, we are lost!’

1519     Cortés lands on the Yucatan peninsula

1519     Cortés meets Malinalli

1519     Cortés arrives in Tenochtitlan (site of Mexico City)

1520     Cortés allies with Tlaxcala and the assault on the Aztec empire begins.

1520     On July 1st, the Spanish forces were driven back and suffered heavy losses.

1520     Montezuma is killed by his own people

1521     Tenochtitlan (Mexico City) falls to Cortés

1522     Malinalli bears Cortés a child – don Martin Cortés

1524     Malinalli takes part in the Honduran campaign

1530     Malinalli dies ???

1547     Cortés dies